Supervisors Approved Final Budget

By Mario Conde

The Imperial County Board of Supervisors approved their final budget for Fiscal Year 2012-13 at their meeting held Monday.

After weeks of budget workshops and departments requesting augmentations the board approved a balanced budget that contemplates no layoffs or furloughs. Anticipated revenues are about $203 million while proposed expenditures are roughly $214 million, according to CEO Ralph Cordova’s report on Monday. He mentioned that $10.7 million was carried over from last fiscal year, leaving a difference of $268,000, Cordova said.

The County Board heard proposal from some departments and asked for augmentations in the budget and try to justify the increase of staff in their departments. The augmentations where approved and also the Board approved Cordova’s transfer of $4.7 million in funds from the Revenue Stabilization Fund to erase the projected deficit for this fiscal year.

 Cordova said at the beginning of the budget process that the County started working on this budget  since Governor Jerry Brown sign the budget passed by the California legislature on June 15. The Governor signed a budget that includes restructuring the state’s welfare program, CalWorks. The bill would reduce the time most Californians can receive welfare from four years to two, with several exceptions.

He also reminded the Board that the budget relies heavily on the November ballot initiative that will increase sales tax for a period of five years and an increase in the state income tax on certain taxpayers. He said that failure of tax initiatives will trigger automatic cuts to programs and schools.

The Board approved the final budget with a vote of 5-0.


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