The Business of Holtville: The Barber Shop

The Business of Holtville: The Barber Shop

Starting this week, the Holtville Tribune will be publishing a series of stories about our local businesses in the Carrot Capital. This series will be produced by Holtville High School student Luis Burgos.
By Luis Burgos
Holtville Barber Shop


The Holtville Barber Shop aims to evoke a feeling of nostalgia and comfort with its look and customer service. The Holtville establishment started two years ago, and has gained an established customer base.

The owner of the shop is Joe Perez, while the current line-up of hair cutters includes Cesar “Cheese” Campos, Claudia Gutierrez, Ilario Castro, and Leo Murillo. Before they settled into their well-known Pine Avenue address, the Barber Shop operated from a smaller venue on Holt Avenue.

“We knew we had to expand when people would line up outside, the shop was full, and we simply didn’t have enough space to accommodate the customers,” owner Joe Perez said.

Perez went on to add, “We want to serve the people of Holtville. We wanted to give Holtville locals jobs, services, and most of all, a great haircut.”
Early on in the shop’s history, in order to spread the word, they would use flyers and ads. “Now, thanks to social media, word of mouth is enough to publicize us in a town like Holtville,” stated Perez.

He goes on, “I decided to establish in Holtville because this is where I spent most of my early life. When I was a kid

Holtville Barber Shop


I would go to an old-time barber shop and I wanted to bring that feeling back to the citizens of Holtville.”

Referring to keeping up with the latest cuts, Ilario Castro said, “We use social media. We see what the kids want and we attempt to replicate it.

Sometimes people come in from Mexicali and show us new cuts that we already know with different names, so we try to figure out what’s what.”

When it comes to being inspired by other barber shops they visit, Campos explains, “We tend to look out for how the shops themselves look like and the feeling we get when we walk in, rather than the cuts they give.”

Holtville Barber Shop


The Barber Shop serves a wide demographic of regulars. Ilario says, “I’ll accept anyone willing to pay $10 for a haircut. We have a mixture of people of all ages coming in.”

The Barber Shop is open on Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 pm, and on Saturdays 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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