The Business of Holtville: Vikings Gym

Vikings Gym owner Frank Valenzuela assists David Araya in his training by helping him to perform lat pulldowns, strengthening lats, traps and biceps.

The Business of Holtville: Vikings Gym

By Luis Burgos

Vikings Gym boasts a wide variety of exercise and fitness equipment. All told,the gym counts with over 60 pieces of equipment, as well as punching bags and cardio machines.

The Vikings Gym, located on Pine Avenue, offers many ways to get in shape to Holtville citizens. The local business is owned by Frank Valenzuela, a professional trainer with seven years of experience.

Currently, he is the only trainer available, but at the start of 2017, a new trainer with eight years of experience will join the staff. The gym was opened in 2011, and was situated where the Family Dollar is currently located.

Frank was raised in Holtville, and was part of Holtville High’s 2002 Senior class.

“The town needed a gym, something close to home that helps the citizens to remain healthy,” Valenzuela said.

The gym offers boxing for kids and adults, cross training, and boot camp in the summer for kids. Coming soon, they’ll offer women’s kickboxing for all ages.

Regarding their promotion, Valenzuela said, “We use flyers and social media, I also go

Vikings Gym owner Frank Valenzuela assists David Araya in his training by helping him to perform lat pulldowns, strengthening lats, traps and biceps.

to the schools and talk to the football, basketball, and wrestling teams. I talk to them about the gym and what it has to offer.

We’ve had seminars in the park as well in order to get the word out.” In the face of the growing competitiveness of the fitness scene, Vikings Gym is planning on expanding their curriculum.

“We’re trying to bring crossfit to Holtville, as well as amateur boxing. In fact, we’ve already had an event in 2014.”

“I’m training two young girls that will compete in an upcoming fitness competition in Venice, CA. There has been professional athletes that have trained here in Holtville, such as two time lightweight champ José Luis Castillo.”

Frank Valenzuela’s Heavyweight Amateur championship is displayed at the gym for all to see. The belt wa won at the Coachella’s Battle of the Badges, held earlier this year. Mr. Valenzuela aims to win another belt next year.

“I actually won the heavyweight belt for amateur boxing in Coachella valley this past May.

Young boxers Genaro (9) and German (10) Hernandez, Gannon Strahm (13) and Lezlie Valenzuela (13) as well as myself will be representing Holtville and Vikings Gym on May 15 in an attempt to win another belt at an upcoming boxing competition The Battle of the Badges, which will take place in Coachella.

In order to train, we use mitts, punching bags, cardio workouts, and a little weight training.”

The Vikings gym is open Monday through Friday 5 a.m. to 10 p.m., but is planning to soon become a 24-hour gym. The membership is $35 a month with no initiation fee.

More info is available by messaging the Vikings Gym Facebook page.

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