Viking Page: Robotics Team “Kickoff”

It takes a steady hand to place all of the wires in the precise place.

Robotics Team “Kickoff”

By Valeria Sierra (Holtville High School Student)

On January 7th of 2017, the robotics team will be heading off to attend “kickoff” in San Diego. What is a Robotics Kickoff you may ask?! Well, a Robotics Kickoff is when robotics teams around Southern California go to San Diego to check out the new task, or new challenge, the robotics teams have to face for the FIRST Robotics Competition. These tasks usually have to do with modern age problems for example, recycling.

It takes a steady hand to place all of the wires in the precise place.

The kickoff starts off with a presentation of the new task. That is followed by examples of how the teams can build their robot. They show you many designs and basic programming as well, during the event.

“When you go to kickoff, you pick the building starter kit and they announce what the game is going to be this year. It is the starting point of the robot building season. They also show samples of the playing field and alternative ways to build the robot. You must also be registered on the FIRST webpage to go to kickoff.” stated Mr Huerta, the Robotics Team Advisor.

Robotics kick off marks the busiest time of the year for the robotics team. To donate to the robotics team contact Mr.Huerta at 1-760-2926.

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