Artsy Viking Wins Contest

Greg Velasquez holding a t-shirt with his winning design.

Artsy Viking Wins Contest

By Alfredo Guzman

Greg Velasquez holding a t-shirt with his winning design.

At the beginning of the 2016-17 school year the Holtville Chamber of Commerce announced their annual Carrot Carnival Logo Design Contest. The theme of the contest this year was “We Dig Carrots”.

The announcement was made at the “Welcome Back” teacher luncheon held at the Swiss Club at the beginning of the school year.
The contest was open to all HUSD students at all grade levels. An exhibition of outstanding entries will be held at the Chamber of Commerce office during the Carrot Carnival. Over 300 entries were submitted.

Winning entries from Elementary School, Middle School and High School grades will be given Carrot Carnival ride wristband vouchers and a t-shirt with the winning Carrot Carnival Design.

The Grand Prize winner, Greg Velasquez, a Junior at Holtville High School, had his artwork used as the basis for the 70th annual Carrot Carnival Logo. The logo will adorn the official Carrot Carnival t-shirt, information booklet and advertisement posters.

Greg Velasquez, the winner of the 2017 Carrot Carnival Logo contest was asked how he felt about winning. He said, ”I’m surprised that I won out of the 300 entries.”

Velasquez’ design was a literal interpretation of the theme “we dig carrots”. He drew a smiling cartoon carrot with a shovel. The original artwork is a combination of watercolor and colored pencil but was changed to be more easily reproduced to be on t-shirts and printed materials.

One of the main criteria for judging the entries for the Carrot Carnival Logo contest was adhering to the theme, “We Dig Carrots”. Velasquez was also asked how the theme affected his artwork.

He said, “I chose to draw what I did because it was a simple idea. But I also didn’t want it to be overlooked. It did not affect my entry too much because my entry for the carrot carnival would be similar anyway.”
Velasquez was also asked if he was surprised that he won. “I was and I wasn’t. I say this because people said my artwork was good. But, because of all the entries, I’m surprised I won.”

Velasquez continued by adding what has inspired him artistically and how long he has been interested in art.

“I’ve been interested in art since Junior High but my interest has grown since I have been taking High School art classes. My favorite material to use in art would be charcoal because it is a simple material and it allows me to make artwork without having to over complicate it with color. I mostly sketch cartoons on my own.”

More of Greg Velasquez’ artwork, along with other Holtville High School student artwork will be available for view at the HHS Carrot Carnival art show. The art show will be open from Noon- 5PM Saturday February 11th, after the Carrot Carnival Parade.

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