FFA Greenhand Chapter Degree Banquet

FFA Officers congratulate the award recipients.

FFA Greenhand Chapter Degree Banquet

By Jenny Schwer (Holtville High Student)

FFA Officers congratulate the award recipients.

The FFA greenhand and chapter degree banquet was held on December 14th. The banquet is held to present the FFA members with Greenhand and Chapter Degrees. In order to acquire the degrees the members have to fill out an application and meet a set of National FFA requirements. Each degree holds its own requirements. The degrees are a way of showing your involvement as well as commitment to the FFA.

At the banquet, the FFA officers presented the members with the degrees, then gave a short speech about what the degree represented.

During the ceremony

Jack Grizzle presenting fellow officer David Lopez-Larios with the Chapter Degree.

FFA Officer, Jack Grizzle said, “The FFA organization practices agricultural leadership, citizenship and cooperation. If you develop your abilities, you may become a leader in this organization.”

FFA Officer Jenny Schwer said, “Every worthwhile recognition carries with it additional responsibilities. Your increased leadership ability should be reflected by your further involvement in our chapter.”

After the degrees were presented, the members and their family had the choice to stay for a dinner or to head home. The Banquet started at 5 p.m. and was completely over by 6:30 p.m.

Going to the banquet also helped the members grades, since FFA participation is a portion of their grades and everything above three events counts towards extra credit.

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