High School vs. Middle School, Holtville Crosstown Matchup

High School vs. Middle School, Holtville Crosstown Matchup

By Luis Burgos

   The Holtville High School JV soccer team gave the Holtville Middle School team a taste of what’s to come by playing them in a friendly scrimmage game Monday night. High School players either on their way out or moving up to varsity want to make sure the team, and by extension their athletic performance and record, is passed down into good hands. Under the leadership of Norberto Irungaray, the middle school team put major effort into their performance. However, the experience and skill of the high school team pulled them through with a 4-0 win.

Coach Irungaray had the following to say when asked about the purpose of the scrimmage, “I wanted to get the 8th grade team to know what to expect coming into high school. It’s definitely not the same as middle school ball.”

After the game, eighth grader Rodrigo Villarreal commented, “The team was different than what we usually play. They’re more disciplined. I’m definitely joining the team when I start attending HHS. I play in the IVUSA league, and the Jv team here is even better than most of the teams i’ve played there. The most impressive aspect of this team is definitely their passing. You can tell they practice.”

   In terms of the High school student’s perspective, the scrimmage helped them gauge the skill level at which the incoming freshmen operate. This, in turn, also lets coach Lara identify flaws and limitations regarding the incoming JV team.

When asked about their opponents, Jv players Jaime Garcia and Gabriel Marquez, who scored one and two goals respectively, responded, “They need to work on their passing and their defense. They definitely have good hustle though. Coach Lara’s teachings helped us get the win today.”

All in all, the incoming freshmen displayed conviction and camaraderie, two skills essential in forming the most efficient soccer team possible.

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