Bowling Alley Update

Bowling Alley Update

By Mario Conde

The Imperial County Board of Supervisors approved a Community Benefit Program Loan application for the re-opening of the former Brunswick Lanes Bowling and Recreation Center facility.

The County Board met at their regular Tuesday meeting where they approved a loan not to exceed $1,000,000 from El Centro Investments, LLC to re-open the popular bowling alley that closed last summer abruptly and with no warning. In November of last year, Brunskwick Zone building was auctioned off to local businessman, Marty Coyne. The owners wanted the bowling alley to be open by the first week of December but there were delays in the refurbishing of the building. Coyne applied for Community Benefit Funds to help them re-open and the committee responded in a positive manner. However, the Community Benefit Committee voted to approve the funding in a form of a loan and not a grant.

Marty Coyne, owner of the bowling alley said that he is looking to have the alley open for the public in the next three months.

“We are looking forward to the grand opening and we are hoping to open in the next 90 days, if not sooner,” Coyne told the Board of Supervisors.
The loan shall be repaid in equal monthly principal payments of $2,777.78, or more, plus interest.

Payments shall commence six months after any funds are disbursed under this agreement, however, interest on the loan balance shall accrue from the date any funds are disbursed under the agreement. The agreement also states that the borrower can apply for a 10 percent loan forgiveness of the original principal amount if the borrower has made twelve consecutive, full loan payments without default; and has created and sustained for a minimum of three years, twenty full time employee positions.

The Community Benefit Committee was established by the Imperial County Board of Supervisors to develop recommendations to the Board regarding the use of funds currently being generated under the Community Benefit element of the Public Benefit Program for Solar Projects in Imperial County.

This Program was developed to address community concerns resulting from solar energy development in Imperial County.

In other news, the County Board of Supervisors approved a Memorandum of Understanding authorizing the County of Imperial to provide technical assistance to the Palo Verde County Water District for future grant application and project implementation.

The County of Imperial, through its Community and Economic Development Department has a history of assisting local governments and organizations at their time of need. The Colonia of Palo Verde has had its share of setbacks that have required such assistance especially concerning its potable drinking water system and its potential wastewater infrastructure.

“Historically, funding sources such as the United States Department of Agriculture require that an experienced and capable organization lead or be a part of any application in order to competitive for an award,” said Esperanza Colio, Director of Community and Economic Development Department.

The Board also approved assistance to the Niland Sanitary District subject to implementation of updated sewer rates, additional negotiations with the Regional Water Quality Control Board to lower fine, and revision of the penalties owe to CalPERS.

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