Sergio Bastidas Photography Exhibition at OPOP

Sergio Bastidas Photography Exhibition at OPOP

By Alfredo Guzman

The Old Post Office Pavilion in El Centro is hosting, “Elusive Subconscious“, an art exhibition of photographs and an experimental video by Imperial Valley artist Sergio Bastidas.

The opening of the exhibition was Friday, January 20th from 6 to 9:30 p.m. The show will remain open to the public until February 18th from 4 to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The City of El Centro along with the Mexican Consulate and Imperial Valley Artist Collective are working together to use the Old Post Office Pavilion as a venue for spreading cultural arts awareness.

   Sergio Bastidas is primarily a portrait photographer whose work is influenced by cinematic lighting and storytelling. He first became interested in photography while attending Brawley High School around 2005.

He went on to Imperial Valley College and studied photography and photojournalism until, “They told me I couldn’t keep taking the same classes. So I was sort of banned from taking them.” said Bastidas. Later, Bastidas would attend Brooks Institute in Ventura as a Photography Major and return to the Imperial Valley to work for the Imperial Valley Press as a photographer.

Dramatic lighting and remakes of famous stills from horror movies are the basis for many of the photographs Bastidas creates. “Every Halloween I do a special shoot where I’ll recreate famous horror stills. If you look around (the exhibition) you’ll see Evil Dead, The Conjuring and Twin Peaks (themed photographs)”, said Bastidas.

When asked if he preferred using traditional Film cameras to Digital, Bastidas said, “I prefer to use traditional Film photography. But, the cost and time when compared to Digital isn’t practical.” Bastidas added, “For the Evil Dead photograph, we had to make this table covered in dirt with a hole for the model to peek out of, like it was a movie set, she looked like she was coming out of a grave.” He further added, “I love Twin Peaks. I even visited the film locations. When we recreated the Twin Peaks photo, I hired a professional makeup artist to get the details of the model’s face just right.”

Bastidas also exhibited a six minute experimental film, “Reflection Sustained”, which featured music by El Centro, electronic noise band Skin Network. The film is black and white and uses lighting for dramatic effect.

The Imperial Valley is home to many great aspiring artists such as Sergio Bastidas. The mission of the Old Post Office Pavilion in El Centro is to highlight culture and provide cultural experiences for the residents of the Imperial Valley.

By providing a venue for Sergio Bastidas’ work, the Old Post Office Pavilion is enriching the culture of the Imperial Valley and it’s residents.

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