Tony Ramos Leads Vikings Through Desert League Season

Coach Ramos oversees how his team prepares for upcoming games.

Tony Ramos Leads Vikings Through Desert League Season

By Luis Burgos

Coach Ramos oversees how his team prepares for upcoming games.

Varsity coach Tony Ramos and JV coach Jimmy Puyot are hard at work improving their respective team’s skill in order to perform well in the season.

“We’re doing pretty good. We’re ranked seventh in Division 5,” said Ramos. “For us, it’s a very slow learning process. We have several guys in the team who have never played basketball before, so we’re trying to instill the fundamentals.”

Both teams hope to perform in a very competitive way for the rest of the season. Varsity, in particular, hoped to defeat school ranked higher or in higher divisions. In order to reach CIF, the team must sequentially beat out Division four schools, such as Palo Verde, Imperial, and Calipatria.

In terms of ambition and team goals, Coach Ramos said, “We’re very competitive against schools in our division, however the team needs to learn to be more aggressive.”

Coach Puyot commented, “I would like for the kids to find the love for basketball, and to experience enjoyment. I want them to find the hunger to become better players in order to better themselves.”

Coach Ramos believes he treats his players fairly in regards to play time. If the players show up to practice, Coach lets them play. Regardless of the players, every coach has a reason for what they do.

Coach Ramos reminisced, “I’ve been playing since I was in third grade. I got into ball thanks to a teacher I had in Finley, Mr. Hardin. Finley had a 5th grade program, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

It’s a way for one to forget everything, when you step onto the court, all of your problems go away. I like to think of it as gunslinging in a western movie. Deception is the name of the game, and you’re always trying to outdo your opponent and get to the ball to the rim any way you can.”

The teams are in good hands, with both coaches being experienced and veteran basketball players. Coach Ramos is on his fourth year coaching on the varsity boys team. He started in 2006 for two years on JV girls basketball, volleyball, and softball. He stopped coaching for a number of years and finally came back, focusing solely on basketball. Coach Puyot was coach Ramos’ assistant for two years, as well as playing himself through his middle school and high school years. Varsity played a home game against Calpatria on Tuesday, losing 60-49.

Holtville will face the Imperial Tigers next Tuesday in Holtville at 7 p.m.

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