FFA Meeting A Tradition

FFA Meeting A Tradition

By Jenny Schwer – Holtville High School Student

Members playing capture the garden pot.

On January 12, Holtville FFA held their monthly chapter meeting. The chapter meeting is a credit towards the members FFA grade they need 3 credits each quarter any above that are worth extra credit. At each meeting the officers start by reciting about a paragraph long description of their officer position.

For example, “Tradition and history are a source of pride for our organization. It is my duty to maintain a record of chapter achievements and promote excellence through highlighting activities, events and accomplishments so that our chapter membership is motivated by our past successes and looks to future achievements.” – Jenny Schwer, FFA Historian.

It’s part of the opening/closing ceremony that occurs at any FFA meeting. Then the officers go over the previous and upcoming chapter events, as well as review the Treasurer’s report.

After the official portion of the meeting is over the officers start group activities for the members to be involved in. For the January meeting, the officers had three activities for the members to choose from. The three activities were baggo, balloon pop, and capture the garden pot.

Baggo, or cornhole, was put on by the officers Aimee Larios and Sarah Grizzle. They set up four sets of the cornhole boards, then gave a direction set on how the game was played as well as the rules. The officers chose cornhole as their activity because it is usually a favorite of the members.

Although it is a very simple game, the members are extremely competitive. The advisors competed in cornhole as well making it even more competitive to the teams going against them.

The balloon pop was put on by Jenny Schwer, Vanessa Sussex, and Caitlyn Childers. Balloon pop was chosen as the activity in short notice because the materials were readily available, while the materials of the prior activity choice, ladderball, were no longer readily available.

After, giving the directions for balloon pop, which consisted of the members tying balloons to their ankles and attempting to pop others while keeping their own, Jenny Schwer and Aimee Larios went around taking picture of the events for the FFA scrapbook and newspaper.

Capture the garden pot, was put on by Jack Grizzle and David Larios-Lopez. It was the “ag edition” of the normal capture the flag game. The members had to get a garden pot from the opposing sides team and take it to their own side, whichever team ended with the most won. Capture the garden pot is also typically a member favorite.

After the activities the members were given nachos and hotdogs. With the food the members had to sign that they had come to the meeting to get their class credit. After that they were allowed to leave. The officers and a few members cleaned up from the activities and food.

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