CarrotMania II Brings Professional Wrestling Action

CarrotMania II Brings Professional Wrestling Action

By Alfredo Guzman

Ryan Kidd on the turnbuckle, working on a signature move.

CarrotMania II was held Saturday, February 11th, at the AC Services Outdoor Pavilion from 4 to 7 p.m. Ticket prices were $5 at the gate. The event was presented by Desert Wrestling Entertainment, which put on a great show to a lively audience.

The Holtville Firefighters Association brought Professional Wrestling to Holtville to raise funds for various charitable causes they sponsor throughout the year. The experience was the perfect way to finish off festivities of the Holtville Carrot Carnival.

Wrestler Ryan Kidd riling up the crowd.

The AC Services Outdoor Pavilion is located across the street from Hot Rods & Beer and Family Dollar. Upon walking in, the sound of the crowd and bodies being slammed on the canvas of the squared circle became deafening.

A DWE wrestler standing atop the turnbuckle comes crashing down on his opponent. The referee counts 1-2-3! The crowd erupts. The victor has his hand raised. His opponent, groggy from his defeat, rolls out of the ring staggering.

Highlights of the evening included wrestler Incredible Anthony Idol, who defeated Dickie through the power of his wits, personality and wrestling skill.

Dickie with Incredible Anthony Idol.

Ariz from Mexico City, who sported a half painted skull face, used his high flying moves to win the day against wrestler Ty Ray.
For the final match, Ryan Kidd, the reigning DWE champ, was challenged by Dickie in the final match of the night for the CarrotMania Championship trophy. The night ended in an upset as Dickie was able to squeak by for the win against Ryan Kidd in a thrilling final match.

Felipe Patino of the Holtville Firefighters Association said, “We’re doing this to raise money for some of the charity events we sponsor. The veterans’ breakfast, movies in the park, suicide prevention and Christmas toys for kids.”

Patino added, “People can go to the Carrot Festival, and I hope our event can enhance the whole experience for them.”
Professional wrestling came to Holtville this past Saturday and it was a spectacular event.

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