HUSD Art Show At The Park

HUSD Art Show At The Park

By Alfredo Guzman

     The 2017 Carrot Festival Student Art Exhibit was on display Saturday February 11th, in the City Hall building located in the middle of Holt Park from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The art exhibit was open to the public, free of charge, and featured artwork by Holtville Unified School District students.

Artwork by Holtville High School, Pine School and Finley School students was on display.

Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Duran, Mrs. Underwood, Mrs. Lehman and Mr. Guzman helped organize the event and create displays of student artwork.

Mrs. Wright, who works with the elementary level student grade classes throughout the Holtville Unified School District, facilitates art projects based on the styles of famous artists. Examples of artists and their styles taught by Mrs. Wright include Paul Klee, Vincent Van Gogh and Henri Matisse.

Many of the elementary level artworks on display at the art exhibition were the direct result of Mrs. Wright enabling arts education in the classroom.

Mrs. Duran’s T-K class also created leaf rubbings with crayons and butcher paper. One of the highlights of the exhibit was having elementary students proudly pointing out their artworks on display to their parents.

The high school level artwork was organized by Mr. Guzman, the Holtville High School art teacher. The mediums used by Holtville High School students include acrylic paint, charcoal, colored pencil and watercolor.

Francisco Perez, a Holtville High School alum and recipient of the 2013 Simon Silva art scholarship, was the guest judge for the high school artwork on display.

The third place recipient was Greg Velasquez, who created a watercolor sketch that impressed the judge with its creativity. Greg Velasquez also created the winning design for the 2017 Carrot Festival.
The second place recipient was Eric Vizcarra, whose charcoal portrait of hands and face were very competently done.

The first place recipient was Danyelle Allen, who created an expressive watercolor portrait.

Winners will receive prize ribbons and gift cards to Little Bird Cafe.
The art exhibition showcased the artistic talents of the students of the Holtville Unified School District. All students who participated should be proud of what they have accomplished.

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