Ricardo Mendez Wins 1st Place Trophy

Ricardo Mendez Wins 1st Place Trophy

By Rosario Melo, Holtville Viking Student

     The 8th annual Migrant Speech and Debate competition took place in Imperial Valley College on January 28, 2017. In this competition 13 schools attended from all over the Imperial Valley starting with 4th graders all the way up to 12th grade. All 80 students which attended competed for the best speech and debate team. The purpose of these competitions is to help migrant students express their opinions freely. Holtville High student, Ricardo Mendez, won a 1st place trophy for prepared and extemporaneous speech.

“Being in speech and debate is amazing, I love to state my claims on interesting topics” said Ricardo when asked his opinion on the competitions. Ricardo also stated that, “The best part of the competition is being able to travel”, this year his team will go to Bakersfield, California for state.

Mendez also admitted that his coach, Veronica Estrada has been great when helping him with his speech. Although he had the great help of Estrada, Mendez also stated that it took a lot of independence because he had to memorize his speech in a very short time.

“I was so excited when I won first place because I didn’t really have time to study and there wasn’t really much information on my topic.”

Ricardo really thought he wouldn’t win anything because of the time, But his mom was sure her son would win an award for the sixth time. As she said, ” I believe my son will always win, even if he doesn’t get an award, just the simple fact that he did the best he was capable of makes me truly happy.”

With that being said Mendez answered, “No matter what, I’ll always try to make my mom proud of me, it’s a really good feeling.”

After talking to Ricardo, he admitted that he was planning on joining in the Migrant Speech and Debate team for the next 3 years he had left of high school. “I would encourage anyone to join the Migrant Speech and Debate team because it is delightful, exciting, and can be challenging but who doesn’t like a challenge after all?”

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