Viking Soccer Heads To CIF

Oscar Montaño celebrates after scoring a goal against Mt. Carmel.

Viking Soccer Heads To CIF

By Luis Burgos and Alfredo Guzman

Oscar Montaño celebrates after scoring a goal against Mt. Carmel.

The Holtville High School soccer team put on spectacular performances last Friday and this past Tuesday against Escondido Charter High School and Mt. Carmel to advance to the CIF finals.

Against Escondido, Holtville High recorded eight goals during the game, while Escondido scored one in the quarter final match. The first play of the game set the pace for the rest of the encounter, as Holtville immediately recorded a shot on target.

Once the first goal was scored about ten minutes into the first half, the team seemed to score as long as they were in the box. Although Escondido became more aggressive after half-time, the gap was simply too large to overcome.

Francisco Navarro celebrates after scoring a goal.

The semi-final match against Mt. Carmel was closer than the quarter final match, but with Holtville dominating control of the ball the entire game. The Holtville High School Boys Soccer team defeated Mt. Carmel 4-1 to advance to the CIF Finals.

Goals were scored by HHS soccer players, Oscar Montaño, Saul Sanchez, Cristian Queriapa and Francisco Navarro. Mt. Carmel scored at the beginning of the game. But Holtville, undeterred, scored twice in both halves shutting out Mt. Carmel the rest of the game.

According to Forward Oscar Montaño, “We were all doing great, I scored two goals and four assists (during the quarter final match). Throughout the season we’ve been doing good, we only lost very few games.”

Defense Omar de la Cruz commented, “I think we’ve solidified the defense ever since the beginning of the season. All we need to do is keep it up.”

Coach Juan Arroyo said, “We had our ups and downs, but now the team’s getting better towards the end once we got this far. The players assumed a more responsible

The Viking bleachers were full for the CIF semifinal.

and winning attitude. I’m taking the team one season at a time. At the end of every season I lose most of my varsity team players, but eventually we bounce back next season.”

The team’s overall record consists of 15 wins, three losses, and four draws. HHS has arranged for a bus to be made available for students and parents to attend the CIF Final in the San Diego area this Saturday, March 4th. HHS students should sign up before all available spots are taken.

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