Holtville High Takes 1st Place at High School Madness

Holtville High Takes 1st Place at High School Madness

By Jim Predmore

     The Grandstands at the Mid-Winter Fairgrounds were filled with high school students from Imperial Valley for the annual High School Madness this past Monday evening. The cheering, screaming, and yelling could be heard throughout the entire fair grounds as the students were applauding and encouraging their teams from each school.

The competition included several different activities and games that the selected students performed, including carrying gift wrapped lettuce boxes across the grandstand with their arms duct-taped together and stacking them into a pyramid. Other games were to flip a traffic control cone and to have it land standing upright.

There was a competition where cheer coaches put on a shower cap covered with shaving cream and the students threw cheese balls in an effort to get them to stick to the cap.

Each school also had their drum line, cheer leaders, and mascots perform during the competition.

     There were several judges that judged each competition and when it was all over the winners were announced.

Taking third place was Brawley High School, second place went to Central High School, and the first place and winner of the 2017 High School Madness was Holtville High School.

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