Spotlight: Coach Juan Arroyo

Spotlight: Coach Juan Arroyo

By Alfredo Guzman

Coach Juan Arroyo

Juan Arroyo is the long time Holtville High School Boys Varsity Soccer Coach. In 2006 he lead the Vikings to the CIF finals but came up short. Current goalie coach Ramiro Urias was a player under Arroyo during that time.

After nineteen years of coaching at Holtville High School Arroyo has a CIF win and was preparing his current team for State.

Arroyo was asked what he thought about the Holtville High Boys Soccer team this year, “They have a positive attitude, real disciplined. They have a lot of confidence playing together.”

When asked what his current crop of players did to train in the off season Arroyo said, “In the off season the team trains by playing in the Calexico soccer league under Assistant Coach Refugio Torres. Together they won the Calexico league in the Summer. They also trained by themselves at Babe Ruth Park last year.”

When asked if the rumors surrounding this being his final season as Coach of Holtville Varsity Boys Soccer were true Arroyo said, “After the game, I sat back and started thinking. I have been waiting for this CIF win for years. My grandson is in 6th grade. Three more years, he wants me to be his coach in high school and these kids, they never gave up. It still hasn’t felt real. I couldn’t believe it when we won. So many years. Yesterday it kicked in a little more. I still can’t believe it all the way.”
Coach Arroyo was asked if there was anyone he would like to thank specifically and said, “I’d like to thank my Assistant Coaches, Refugio Torres and Felipe Romero. When I had second thoughts they were there. It was a lot of work. They made it easier to get everything done.”

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