Viking Baseball Begins

Viking Baseball Begins, Coach Moreno Shares Game Plan

By Luis Burgos

     Baseball season has started in Holtville High, following two consecutive CIF victories by the Wrestling and Soccer teams respectively. Varsity Coach Cory Moreno is planning on leading his team through a long and successful season. With the schools unprecedented athletic success, the baseball team has been practicing hard in an attempt to capitalize on said success.

When asked what improvements he was looking for in 2017, Coach Moreno responded, “Instead of simply competing with larger schools, now we’re looking to win. I’m looking for my players to give it their all out on the field. This year, the standout players are Luke Hernandez, Angel Higuera, Octavio Loya, and Marcos Peralta. I’m also setting up showcases for my players to get college exposure. My goal as coach is to develop these athletes and turn them into fine young men, and for them to develop their skills.”

Coach Moreno also organizes activities during off-season for any baseball players that does not play any other sports. He arranges games with the IVBN (Imperial Valley Baseball Network), gathering the best players from around the valley and competing against other networks from the region. Said networks also organize all-star games to display the skill of the players to certain colleges, looking to further their careers.
In terms of Coach Moreno’s personal experience, he commented, “ I’ve had a couple of sources of inspiration when it comes to my coaching philosophy. They include Marv Wood, Scott Anderson, and my father.

My dad taught me a lot about the game and introduced me to the philosophy of never giving up. Personally, I don’t cut kids from my team. As long as the students are willing to work hard and give it their all, I will find a position for them to play. Of course, smart players are adept at adapting to different positions and changing their style of play in order to make the most of it.”

Coach Moreno began his coaching career six years ago. Throughout the years, he has coached the middle school basketball and softball. He coached little league and was assistant coach at Southwest High School for a number of years. In order to improve his coaching skills, Coach Moreno has gone to college showcases and shadowed the college coaching style. According to him, keeping an open mind and being willing to learn from any source is paramount in improving one’s own style.

Coach Moreno concluded by talking about the rivalry Holtville has with other schools. “We’ve had some really close games against Brawley, and our long time rival has always been Imperial. We’re hoping for a very competitive season.”

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