HHS Soccer Players Recognized At Banquet

HHS Soccer Players Recognized At Banquet

By Alfredo Guzman

Coaches Arroyo, Torres, and Romero gave thanks to their soccer players for a great and historic season. Hard work and determination helped the Holtville Varsity Soccer team go further than ever before.

It was a night to remember at the Sunbeam Lake Resort Hall in Seeley, Thursday March 16th at 6 p.m. The 2017 Holtville High School Varsity Boys Soccer Banquet was in full swing. The tables were decorated with soccer balls, green and gold fabric and framed photographs for the team to take home as mementos of their good times together.

The CIF Champion team was treated to a delicious tri-tip dinner with all the fixings. On display at the lectern was the 2017 CIF Division IV Boys Soccer trophy.
Along with the trophy, examples of CIF championship rings were shown. The rings are gold with a green gemstone dominating the center with CIF and HHS engravings. Fittings for the team’s CIF rings were done as each individual coach or player arrived.

Coaches Juan Arroyo, Refugio Torres and Felipe Romero started the night off by addressing the team at the lectern.

Coach Arroyo spoke first, “Thank you to Cuco, Felipe, Ramiro Urias and CJ Johnston. We did it. Before we start I want to talk to the next generation of up and coming soccer players on our team, Richard, Chito, Jesus, Sanchez, be the leaders. Take it and go have fun with it.”

Coach Felipe Romero spoke next. “I’m very proud of all the varsity squad. I want you to know that anytime I instructed you and it seemed harsh, it was constructive and it was to benefit you and the team. I am proud of you. Thank you.”

Rounding out the opening address was Coach Torres, “Thanks to the other coaches, to the players. We got CIF. Next year let’s focus on state. We can do it!”

New starting varsity players were announced first, Angel Garcia, Luis Andree Loranca, Eric Moreno, Francisco Navarro and Jesus Sanchez. Next the All Academic Team was announced, which are players with grades with a grade point average of 3.0 and above. It included Omar Quevedo, Christian Queriapa, Andy Pasqual, Martin Morales, Oscar Montano and Jorge Mendoza.

The rest of the starting players for the team were introduced next: Nick Torres, Jose Sierra, Luis Estrada, Carlos Chavez, Mario Tamayo, and John Rodriguez.

Coach Arroyo addressed the team in preparation for giving out individual awards by saying, “It’s hard as a coach, especially this season, with these kids that gave one hundred percent. We are the smallest school in our IVL league and we play against tough schools. Like any team over the season we had obstacles, but we came together and resolved them as a team. That’s what was important, our team. It was tough for us as coaches to choose who deserves the MVP award and the other awards for this season. We took into account not just how each player played but also attendance and attitude.”

Luis Andre Loranca receiving his soccer patches and award during the soccer banquet.

Awards for individual player achievement were then given out to the following players:

Coaches Awards
Omar Quevedo
Nick Torres

Most Improved
Christian Queriapa

Rookie of the Year
Jorge Mendoza

Most Valuable Player
Saul Sanchez

Most Valuable Player/Player of the Year/Imperial Valley League
Oscar Montaño

Best Overall Player
Nick Torres

Mario Tamayo

CIF Rookie of the Year
Francisco Navarro

MVP CIF Goalie
John Rodriguez

All League Players
Saul Sanchez
Oscar Montaño

John Rodriguez, goalie, was getting a ring fitting for his CIF ring.

After the awards were given out, Coach Arroyo closed out the night by saying, “You

guys did something special for Holtville and for the Imperial Valley. You made history and set a new standard. You made me really proud. Chito, you should be a leader next year. Keep that in mind. Thank you to Felipe and Cuco for being there. The 2006 CIF Final loss, Ramiro was there as a player. It was tough. I made a promise to get back to CIF, and to win the championship for Holtville. We did.

“I know there were rumors that I would quit after this year,” he added. “But I’m going to stay. I’ll be coaching until I’m 80.” Everyone cheered at the closing remarks by Coach Arroyo.

Before the night was over, Team Captains Nick Torres and Omar Quevedo, along with John Rodriguez, approached the stage to give the coaches their awards from the team and the community.

Nick Torres, Christian Queriapa, and Omar Quevedo with their awards during the Varsity Soccer Banquet.

Nick Torres started by giving Coach Torres his award by saying, “Dad, you’re my number one supporter and coach. Thank you.”

John Rodriguez awarded Coach Ramiro Urias his award, “To Goalkeeper Coach, Ramiro Urias. Thanks.”

Omar Quevedo gave the award to Coach Romero, “Thank you Coach Felipe Romero for always being there.”

The final award was given to Coach Arroyo by all three players at the lectern. Coach Arroyo took the stage and closed out the night by simply saying, “I want to thank everybody in Holtville.”

Coach Arroyo proudly shows off the t-shirt his soccer players signed for him, which he plans to frame.

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