Scholarships Available For Students

Scholarships Available For Students

By Carolina Ornelas (Viking Page Edition)

HHS Student Kitzia Larios checking out the Scholarship Wall at the HHS Counseling Center.

Scholarships are academic achievements that give students money to help with their college future. Students can only apply for them if they plan on going to college, whether it’s community or university. The chances of getting a scholarship depend on the student’s grades, test scores, community service, sports, clubs, and qualification for other financial aid. The more a student gets involved, the better their chances are of getting a scholarship.

Students also have to reach the requirements the scholarship has in order to apply. A student will also need 2-3 letters of recommendation, a personal resume, transcripts, and an essay to send in with their completed application. It’s recommended that students don’t alter what is expected to be filled out or written for scholarships.
There are deadlines and it is critical that the students do not miss them, or they will most likely lose their chance at a scholarship. There are no extensions and no one is an exception to that. Students are not restricted to only being able to apply for one scholarship; they can apply for as many as they qualify for.

Teachers encourage their students as much as they can to take the time to apply for as many scholarships as they can. Since this can only benefit them and the future they see for themselves. The HHS Counseling Center has scholarships posted and frequently notifies students who qualify to apply. Here are a list of Scholarships that students at HHS can apply for.

  • Current Scholarships Available in the Counseling Center at HHS:
  • Region 18 Assc. of School Administrators due this Friday.
  • Soroptimist Scholarship due this Friday
  • Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Program Scholarship due April 7th
  • Anthony Garcia Scholarship due April 7th
  • Mary Catherine Carpenter due April 7th
  • Stockmen’s Club scholarship due April 7th
  • Earl Sperber Scholarship due April 13th
  • IV Farm Bureau Scholarship due April 20th
  • El Centro Chamber of Commerce due April 21st
  • IV Employer Advisory Council due April 28th
  • Elks Steve Cole Scholarship due May 1st
  • Sun Community Scholarship due May 1st

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