Vans Custom Shoe Contest at HHS

Vans Custom Shoe Contest at HHS

By Liz Quevedo (Viking Page Edition)

     The Holtville High school art class is participating in the 2017 Vans Custom Culture Shoe Design Competition. By registering to participate, the Holtville High School art class receives four pair of Vans to customize along with some art supplies and freebies from Vans to enjoy.

The Vans Custom Culture contest was created to inspire high school students to empower their creativity through art and design. Vans believes that everyone should be able to express themselves creatively and “should be given the tools to do so.”

Every student draws out a design using the fashion templates provided by Vans. HHS art teacher Mr.Guzman picked the four designs created by four students that best fit the theme of the competition. The themes are Art; Music; Individual Action Sports and Local Flavor.

Two of the participants; Liz Quevedo and Eric Vizcarra were asked about participating in the contest. Specifically they were asked, “What influenced your design? And tell us about the designs you made.”

Liz Quevedo said “The theme (I worked with) was music. I wanted a theme where I can just put anything I want. I didn’t want a specific subject but I made it work. I really like bright colors like yellow and pink, also I’m really into flowers and patterns. I play the piano so I decided to use piano keys as one of the designs. I mixed music notes with flowers while combining colors so I got to do a little bit of what I wanted to do but I think the shoes would be a lot better without the music notes and instead have a bunch of my art style. I don’t like being told what to draw because I feel like I don’t express myself since I have to follow certain guidelines or whatever.

It’s just for fun though, I enjoy anything that has drawing involved. I was told by people if I can draw on their shoes which is pretty cool because I’m starting my own brand so that could be a way to get more known. I’ve made stickers for my brand and people seem to think they’re cool. This Vans contest gave me a bit of experience on designing since I want to make apparel for my brand, not just stickers.”

The next contestant, Eric Vizcarra, said, “My theme was Skate. I used to draw a lot on lined paper so I used that on my designs, plus I used to skate, so the theme fit me. My shoe designs have words of encouragement such as breaking limits people told you that you couldn’t reach. Its simple.”

The Vans Custom Culture contest winners will be announced May 5th with the reward being a trip to Los Angeles to celebrate their artwork and $5,000 to the student with the winning design.

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