Food Bank Promotes Healthy Checkout At Del Sol Saturday

Food Bank Promotes Healthy Checkout At Del Sol Saturday

Del Sol Market in Holtville will be the site of the first Healthy Checkout Lane in Imperial County.

Promoted by the Imperial Valley Food Bank, a special ceremony is scheduled to mark the occasion on Saturday, April 22. There will be a ribbon cutting, raffle prizes, live music, a resource fair, live radio remote and weekend specials throughout the store.

To promote a healthier lifestyle, taste testing of healthy recipes and physical activities will also be held.

Activities will take place from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The store will have one of its three checkout lanes designated for Healthy Checkouts, with a sign encouraging everyone to eat better. The food bank has an outreach program to children in local schools and is taking this step to try to interest parents as well.

Small displays of fresh fruit will be added near the checkout line, encouraging shoppers to make better choices on their impulse purchases.

The Imperial Valley Food Pantry was established in 1991 when a college professor and his students began serving food from a garage. The need was so strong, a group of Imperial County residents formed a non-profit corporation in 1992.

The Imperial Valley Food Bank has served as an independent, non-profit charitable organization since 1991. Created and operated for and by residents of Imperial County, IVFB has flourished since its humble beginnings in that garage. IVFB has steadily increased its capacity to meet the needs of the community. The demand for emergency food assistance in Imperial Valley remains a county-wide effort as IVFB consistently serves 20,000 individuals monthly.

IVFB’s primary function is to resource, allocate and distribute nutritious food through non-profit agencies in the county who distribute food directly to their local communities. IVFB’s large partners include Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, Campesinos Unidos, Imperial Valley Housing Authority, Neighboorhood House and the Sister Evelyn Mourey Center. In addition to its larger partners, the Food Bank works with small food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, churches, and schools. By working with existing agencies, IVFB is able to provide emergency food assistance to all of Imperial County.

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