HHS Spanish Class Receives 11 Chromebooks From Anonymous Donations

HHS Spanish Class Receives 11 Chromebooks From Anonymous Donations


Mr. Moreno, unboxing the new chromebooks in class.

Holtville High School Spanish teacher Nicholas Moreno recently received anonymous donations through the service Donor’s Choose. Donor’s Choose is a nonprofit organization that facilitates the donation of various school supplies by anonymous donors. Mr. Moreno heard about this service through a fellow teacher from San José, who has taken advantage of the program many times.

“At first, I thought that the only people who would donate were members of the local community, but that wasn’t the case. In fact, the website provided me with a link that my community could use to donate. I decided not to use the link, relying entirely on anonymous donations from people foreign to our community,” said Mr. Moreno.

Programs such as Donor’s Choose are essential to updating school’s curriculum, especially in communities where the economy is below average. Mr. Moreno received 11 Chromebooks, lightweight laptops optimized to use Google’s various classroom resources.

“We’re planning to use these computers to do projects from the book that require online resources, such as Google slides, which is Google’s version of powerpoint. As a community, we were in need of access to information in real time. Now my class won’t need to worry if the computer lab is reserved or currently in use,” commented Mr. Moreno.

Junior Sebastian Quintero, from Mr. Moreno’s AP class, said, “I feel very motivated to succeed with this amazing opportunity that has been given to us. Because of the new curriculum, and the way technology has been involved, I feel like familiarizing myself with these technologies which will open more doors for me.”

All that is left is for Mr. Moreno to write a second essay for his donors, detailing his experience with the new laptops. He recommends other teachers to do the same as him and use Donor’s Choose.

Mr. Moreno urges other teachers to use Donor’s Choose, “I recommend it because it’s not only for technology, but also books and even athletic equipment for sports teams and athletic programs. The process is easy, you just create an account and get verified as a teacher. It takes three to five days to be approved. They give you a link for the website where you will receive your donations, and a time limit is set. I’m planning to gather my info, write the second essay, and then request another 11 laptops.”

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