Student Spotlight: AJ Silva, Photographer

Student Spotlight: AJ Silva, Photographer

(Viking Page Edition)

My name is Aj Silva, I am a senior at Holtville High School. I own a small photography business called “Aj’s Photography.”

I’ve been taking pictures for years, but the birth of Aj’s Photography was when this couple wanted me to take pictures at their wedding for them. I made some money off of that wedding and I kept getting more and more business. The more business I was getting, the more money I was making and I started to increase my skills and knowledge about photography.

Investing my time into photography was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made throughout my high school years. Being self-employed meant that I would be able to work whenever I pleased.

Personally, I didn’t think taking a photography class was necessary because I was able to learn everything that I needed to know online. A certain type of photography that I like to do is night photography. I can express my talents doing night photography by burning steel wool and spinning it around or just taking pictures of cars passing by.

A big goal that I had achieved this year was doing well at the California Mid-Winter Fair with photography. I entered 17 photos in total, 4 receiving the purple award, 9 receiving 1st and 4 receiving 2nd place.

I don’t get paid for doing night photography; but it’s one of the many reasons I do photography. There is so much work and art that can go into night photography. It’s a compliment when people ask me if I had photoshopped the image to make it look like it does.

My most famous photo is the photo of the Dodge Charger. I have a photography page on facebook called “Aj’s Photography” where it has my contact information where you can contact me about setting up a photoshoot with me and pricing.

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