Holtville Fire Department Helps City Get Ready For Summer

Holtville Fire Department Helps City Get Ready For Summer


The Holtville Fire Department has been out in the community doing their part in making the City of Holtville nicer for its residents.

The Fire Department, with the help of some of the inmates from the Imperial County Jail custody of the Imperial County Sheriff’s Department, has been doing a lot of work at the city pool.

There has been tree trimming and palm trees have been removed. Some of the trees along the northern fence have gotten overgrown and have been dropping berries inside of the pool area, making a mess. They have been cut back to keep that from happening.

The palm trees have become nesting places for several pigeons and their droppings were falling in the pool area. They have also been removed and will be replaced with another kind of tree.

Along with the tree trimming, the crews have been applying some weather proofing to the wood structure in the front of the Hut to protect it.

With the hot weather coming, it will be nice to have a clean area to cool off. Fire Chief Alex Silva will be coming up with a schedule of activities in the next few weeks, which will be reported here in the Holtville Tribune.

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