HHS Easter Bunny Does Community Service

HHS Easter Bunny Does Community Service


HHS freshman Samantha Silva discusses being the Easter Bunny while doing community service through the Holtville Chamber of Commerce.

Q: What was it like working with the Chamber of Commerce?
It was kinda cool because everyone there was pretty nice, and they guided us through everything so we weren’t lost! Plus they keep telling us how good we were doing at our jobs.

Q: What was it like wearing the Easter Bunny Costume?
It was hot! At the beginning I was like, nah, it won’t be hot, but it was crazy. Plus the kids were crying on my lap and I couldn’t talk when I was wearing the costume, but I was tempted to whisper that it was okay.

Q: Do you recommend working with the Holtville Chamber of Commerce to other HHS students?
Yeah, it’s easy and time passes fast doing it. Working with the kids; they were cute, some were scared and crying, but even as a bunny I knew how to make them happy. I couldn’t always see them anyways, the mouth was in the spot where I had to see out of. The overall experience, it was fun and I wouldn’t mind doing it again.

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