Long Time HHS Teacher Lisa Natwick To Retire

Long Time HHS Teacher Lisa Natwick To Retire

When Mrs. Natwick first started teaching Business at Holtville High School in 1989. Her classroom had electric typewriters. Within a couple of years, the typewriters were replaced with computers, although those were nothing like the ones that are in her classroom today as she leaves Holtville High.

Her teaching time at HHS spans 1989-1993 and then from 1999-2017. During the time she was not working full-time here, she did substitute teaching because she missed being with the students in class.

Classes that she taught in the early 90’s included Accounting and Careers in Business while courses in the 2000s included Digital Video Production and Business Technology.

Her favorite subjects to teach involve digital media editing, both video and photographs, and her fondest memories are seeing students create impactful videos through their dedication and passion to see the project to completion.

She served as the advisor for FBLA for many years. She also served as a class advisor to new group of students every four years, at some points helping them fundraise by putting together a concession booth every home football game, planning more proms than she cares to remember and seeing them achieve their dreams of graduating high school and moving on into adult life.

“Nothing gives me greater joy from my students than meeting them as adults in their productive lives of jobs and families.”

Mrs. Natwick served on school accreditation teams as the lead or assistant through some difficult years but she remembers that all the time spent did improve the programs at HHS and brought her colleagues together as a team that truly enjoyed working together. She will miss the interaction with the students and her fellow educators.

She fondly says to you all, “Please turn your monitors off” one last time.

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