Poppy Funds For American Legion Begins This May

Poppy Funds For American Legion Begins This May

A tradition is returning to Holtville the month of May 2017.

American Legion Auxiliary member of Bradley Keffer Unit 138 will be distributing poppies for donations to the public, family and friends. All contributions from the Poppy Fund go directly for the rehabilitation of Veterans honorably discharged from the United States Armed Forces, Veterans Active duty military personnel and their families where financial and medical need is evident.

Donation locations will be: Donut Shop, DePaoli’s Property, Rotary Club and other locations around town.

The red crepe poppy flowers are made by disabled Veterans and offered every May by the Auxiliary members.

The poppy flower was selected because many of the World War I Veterans remembered them on the fields of Europe. The poppy came to symbolize the sacrifice Veterans made. The red reminded the doughboys of the blood that had been shed. The poppies seemed to bloom, even on the shelled battlefields, and became a sign of hope and renewal for those who survived.

All donations are gratefully accepted. To make a donation, please mail to:
Bradley Keffer Unit 138
P.O. Box 836
Holtville, CA 92250

For more information, please contact Poppy Fund Chairman at (760) 356-5408.

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