HHS Baseball Participates In Autism Awareness

HHS Baseball Team.

HHS Baseball Participates In Autism Awareness


HHS Baseball Team. Photo courtesy of Erika Leon

The Holtville High School baseball team is participating in autism awareness month thanks to a campaign organized primarily by sophomore Seth Hilfiker. The fundraiser fits perfectly with autism awareness month, also correlating with Seth’s background with the Autism Support Group of the Imperial County. The initiative was taken in order to allow the people of the Imperial Valley a way of directly contributing to autism awareness.

“My inspiration and goal was to help the Autism Support Group of the Imperial county, which helps countless children and families affected by autism, including my own brother Steven, who threw the first pitch of the game,” said Seth Hilfiker.

Seth commented that James Gonzalez, the president of the autism support group, was a crucial part of the fundraiser and brought a lot of ideas to the table that were used to the advantage of the team in order to make the fundraiser more productive.

This isn’t the first time the baseball has endeavored in activities of this order. For example, last year they organized a fundraiser for childhood cancer awareness and Coach Moreno helps coach the little league.

“Morale is always high among us players both on the field and in the dugout, but activities like these also help raise a sense of awareness and thankfulness. Us players reflect on how lucky we are to be gifted the opportunity to play, whereas there is other people in the world whose sickness prevents them from having the opportunity we have,” said Seth.

Seth Hilfiker and Brett Driscoll designed a baseball cap bearing the logo of the Autism Support Group of the Imperial County while their sponsors were Rolfe and company and Vessey and company.

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