Holtville Woman’s Club Regatta A Huge Success

Dumping the duckies is Holtville Woman’s Club President Deborah Thornburg.

Holtville Woman’s Club Regatta A Huge Success

Submitted by Marcia Jennings

A rubber ducky regatta was held by the Holtville Woman’s Club last Saturday at the home of Alan and Mary Bornt. Winners in the race were determined by which numbered rubber duckies crossed the finish line.

The Rubber Ducky Regatta of the Holtville Woman’s Club was held last Saturday, April 29, at the home of Alan and Mary Bornt of Holtville.

The event started off with President Deborah Thornburg dropping all the duckies in the moat. After the initial splash, it was going, going, GONE!

The course was pretty long, especially for such small rubber duckies, but the duckies were game. When the rubber duckies got stuck in the mud or in the vegetation running on the sides of the moat, Daniel Thornburg would come to the rescue with his kayak and his paddle.

Dumping the duckies is Holtville Woman’s Club President Deborah Thornburg.

The Holtville Woman’s Club would like to thank Alan and Mary Bornt for the generous use of their beautiful home. The setting for the regatta was perfect!

The Bornts were very accommodating hosts: hanging out during the festivities, posing for pictures, and making sure that the Woman’s Club of Holtville had everything they needed.

Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Bornt for being generous with your blessings. You are a fine example to the community!

We also thank all the people who sold and bought tickets, all the people who made the regatta come together, all the attendees, and to Joan Thornburg for being the scorekeeper. Special thanks to the decorating committee and to Charles and Bunny Thornburg for taking all the pictures.

Alan and Mary Bornt, gracious hosts for the fundraiser.

With everyone’s help, the Woman’s Club can now afford the much needed repairs of their new ceiling. Such a huge success! Thank you!

The race winners are as follows:

1st prize . . Mark Allegranza
2nd prize . . .Susan Omlin
30th prize . . Frank Van Der Linden
70th prize . . . Rodney Strahm
120th prize . . . JoAnne Hueberger
Last place . . . Sharon Housover

Congratulations to all the winners!

The ducks then made their way around the moat surrounding the home.


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