Pine Showcases Student Efforts At Open House

Pine Showcases Student Efforts At Open House

Students at Pine School used the annual Spring Open House on Tuesday evening to show their parents what they’ve learned with the use of their own personal iPad tablets over the course of year.

As the school year winds down, teachers, parents and kids alike reflect on how much the children have learned over the last several months. Open houses are the perfect events to demonstrate that, and Pine School had its annual Spring event on Tuesday evening.

Principal Mitch Drye gave a short welcome in the school cafeteria before a packed house in the cafeteria before sending parents and students off to their respective classrooms.

Drye recapped how well the use of iPads by every student on the campus has worked this year.

“We use it in every aspect of education,” he explained. This extends from things that you might not normally expect a computer to be used for, like art, to daily tasks like homework.

Pine was the recipient of an Apple ConnectED grant that provided every student with a new iPad at the beginning of the school year.

“We teach them how to explore and how to solve problems,” Drye said of the computers’ usage. Rather than solve problems for students, it provides new ways for them to find and understand the answers that they are after.

As is usually the case, parents of younger students were on hand in greater numbers than those of the older kids. But the event was the perfect opportunity to not only see how well their children have been doing but to listen to any concerns and areas of improvement the teachers might feel need to be addressed.

As the parents gathered around their children’s desks in each classroom, many were shown what they have been doing recently. They also took home folders filled with some of the most recent work.

The use of their own handheld computer generated a lot of excitement among students, and this was something that they shared with their parents.

Brian Phillips is the sixth grade teacher at the school and is the go-to tech guy on campus. He noted that there were very few problems with the iPads this year, with only one having to be sent back in for repairs when the battery began going dead too quickly. That one was replaced overnight.

Phillips said there are even more learning opportunities with the small personal computers ahead. He plans to attend an intensive Apple training program he was selected for this summer where participants will be shown the latest apps and teaching methods for the tablets.

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