HHS Holds CSF Induction Ceremony

The CSF Life members stand to receive their CSF Lifetime Member Certificate.

HHS Holds CSF Induction Ceremony


Mr. Burfield escorts the Life Members of CSF followed by the new inductees as the ceremony.

Holtville High School began their preparation for Graduation on Wednesday morning as they inducted new members into the California Scholarship Federation known as CSF.

CSF is a statewide organization whose purpose is to recognize students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement. Qualifying for membership is on a semester by semester basis following a point system that requires A’s and B’s in the most difficult classes.

Joanna Aguirre started the procession of lighting the candles as new members were inducted into CSF.

To become a lifetime member and Seal Bearer, students must have qualified for four semesters during their last three years of high school, including one semester in their senior year. At graduation, lifetime members receive a special seal on their diploma, a certificate and sash to wear with their graduation gowns.

12th Grade Life Members
Emily Acosta
Saira Arroyo
Marina Burfield
Richard Chavez
Mathew Dagdagan
Brooke Goodsell
Jack Grizzle
Emily Holt
Jorge Mendoza
Cleo Miki
Adam Montes
Janette Ortega
Ally Rolfe
Eli Romo
Lizeth Vaca

12th Grade
Joanna Aguirre
Jesus Cuevas
Brianna Llanas
Fabian Rangel

11th Grade
Ross Bolin
Luis Burgos
Sydney Castanon
Anna Ramos

10th Grade
Sadie Allegranza
Caleb Chambers
Angel Higuera
Evan Howard
Gloria Ibarra
Adrian Martinez
Jaila Marquez
Vivienne Pacheco
Keeley Poloni
Ethan Strahm
Nahely Velasco
Victoria Wysocki

9th Grade
Isbed Garcia
Lizeth Gonzalez
Hadley Huillen
Ella Hoyt
Katie Magana
Jonathan McClure
Alec Morgan
Salvador Ornelas
Fabian Rendon
Jacqueline Rendon
Andy Rios
Connor Ripley
Andree Rodriquez
Emil Schaffner
Emelie Strahm
Cesar Valenzuela
Esmeralda Venegas
Andrea White

CSF Ushers 2016
Tino Burfield
Sarah Guzman
Nicole Granados
Amaya Irungaray
Clarissa Montes
Carlos Rendon
Yvette Rios

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