HUSD Retirees Honored

Bruce Deloach and Lisa Natwick shake hands with the HUSD School Board.

HUSD Retirees Honored


Long time teacher Linda Wood stands with Superintendent Celso Ruiz.

The 2017 HUSD retirement banquet was held May 31st, 2PM at the Finley Elementary cafeteria. The Holtville Unified School District School Board was in attendance as well as administration and staff. Retirees honored at the event include Maria Crespo, Helen Wilson, Debra Fargo, Lisa Natwick, Bruce DeLoach and Linda Smith.

A taco cart was provided for the enjoyment of all. Live musical entertainment was played for the crowd in attendance. Vocals were provided by Holtville City Manager Nick Wells and

Bruce Deloach and Lisa Natwick shake
hands with the HUSD School Board.

drums, bass and lead guitar were performed by Holtville High School teachers Aaron Mendoza, Ben Williams and James Anderholt.

Superintendent Celso Ruiz introduced the retirees one by one. The retirees’ supervisors and administrators were then called up to say a bit about each retiree. They then each accepted autographed platters with colleagues signatures and clocks. Each retiree gave a speech about their time working within the Holtville Unified School District to close out their time in the spotlight during the event.

Everyone wishes a well deserved rest for the retirees who dedicated themselves selflessly to the benefit of the Holtville Unified School District and its students.




Debra Fargo saying farewell to HUSD.


HHS Principal Mario Garcia speaks about his time with Lisa Natwick.


Ben Williams and James Anderholt rocking out.

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