Bible Camp At Trinity Baptist Church

Trinity Baptist Church, 722 E 6th St Holtville CA, is hosting Summer Bible School June 19th through June 23rd, 530PM-8PM for ages 4 to 12 years. For more information contact Luis Gutierrez at (760) 960- 6576 or Chareni Carrillo at (760) 960- 1089. Music, dancing, games and much more will be provided; come on over and join the fun. The theme of the Trinity Baptist Church Summer Bible School is Observadores Galacticos or Galactic Surveyors. Church service is bilingual with fun activities for older and younger children such as videos teaching moral lessons, games, dancing and learning about the Bible. Buscando lo visible, Descubriendo lo invisible (Looking for what is visible, Discovering what is not visible) Col 1:15-16.

Children waiting for the video to begin.

Francis, keeping everything organized.

Trinity Baptist Church Vacation Bible School in action.

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