Residents Reminded About City’s 72-Hour Parking Law

“It’s been parked there forever. Why am I getting a ticket?”

That’s something local sheriff’s deputies, city officials and even reporters have been hearing a lot lately. It always comes from a resident who has just received an official notification that they have three days to move the vehicle they have parked on the street in front of their house or risk having it towed.

The first part of the question being asked of deputies tagging parked cars in Holtville lately answers the question itself. The city is now cracking down on vehicles that are parked on the street for extended periods of time.

It’s not even a new law. The 72-hour parking ordinance has been part of Holtville’s municipal code for many years and mirrors state law. It just hasn’t been regularly enforced up until recently.

Having vehicles parked on city streets for extended time periods creates problems. The street sweeper has to work around the car, the vehicles tend to get dirty and trash blown in by the wind collects underneath them.

Receiving a notice isn’t automatically a ticket or a tow. Vehicle owners have 72 hours to move them before the situation escalates. Deputies will usually place marks on the tires and the street so they can verify a car has been moved.

The ordinance applies to recreational vehicles and all types of trailers as well.

The city has also been reminding residents that vehicles aren’t supposed to be parked in alleys at all. Many alleys are very narrow and if a car is left parked there, even for a short time, others may not be able to pass by. It’s even more difficult for trash trucks and delivery vehicles.

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