State Street Coffee House Holds Second “Acoustic Night”


On September 2, State Street Coffee House located at 1027 West State Street in El Centro held their second “Acoustic Night” event, which is becoming quite popular according to those attending. The event took place at 6 p.m.

The lineup for September 2 was Eli MD, Haven, Aquarian Nights, Sad Boys Club, and Last Second Setlist, all Imperial Valley bands.

Owner of State Street Coffee House, Karin Eugenio said, “It celebrates music and arts. It creates a space for musicians and people who appreciate music to convene.”

“The event was brought to my attention by our head barista, Emily Reber and also by one of our regular customers, Andrew Tylenda. Tylenda is a musician for the Sad Boys Club.”

State Street Coffee House holds events to promote the small, yet growing artistic community of the Imperial Valley that says they need to provide them with a place they can do so. The event is popular for the acoustic bands in the Imperial Valley because it is one of the few events where they get to showcase their talent.

State Street Coffee House also uses the “Acoustic Night” event to showcase the quality of their coffee and baked goods.

Reber creates a special menu for the event. The menu does not include blended drinks on this particular night because the noise the blender creates would distract from the musicians. The date for the next “Acoustic Night” is not yet set. “Ideally we want to have it the last Saturday of every month,” said Reber.

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