Holtville FFA Kettle Corn Fundraiser A Big Success


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Holtville Athletic Club & FFA members popped over 600 bags of kettle corn last week.

On September 5th the Holtville FFA Chapter held the Annual Kettle Corn Fundraiser. For the first time at this event, the Kettle Corn was cooked and bagged at the Holtville High School Ag Department.

The Holtville Athletic Club, along with a couple of HHS FFA members, brought in all of the materials and equipment to cook and bag the corn. The Holtville FFA brought in wheelbarrows to transport the bagged corn to the storage building.

The Athletic Club and FFA members set up shop at 6 a.m. in the morning and got right to work, preparing and setting up equipment for the busy day ahead. In total, there were over 600 bags of kettle corn made and stored for pickup or delivery at the Ag Department.

It is the responsibility of the FFA members in Holtville to go out and sell as many kettle corn tickets as possible. By doing this, the members not only meet new people, but also help fund the Holtville FFA activities and trips for the year. Since each ticket sold is one bag of kettle corn, the members of Holtville FFA successfully sold over 600 kettle corn tickets. This is just the first fundraising event that the FFA has put on this year, and as the year goes on, this fundraiser will help the FFA prosper.

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