City Wants Cars Off Lawns

One of the more interesting items on next Monday’s Holtville City Council agenda is a public hearing where residents will be invited to speak on a proposed ordinance.

That ordinance is aimed at making sure residents don’t park their vehicles on their front lawns. While not a widespread problem, it does happen from time to time. When it does, the neighbors tend to notice. And tend to complain.

While many cities already have similar rules in place, Holtville doesn’t yet and city officials hope to head off any future problems. Jeff Foxworthy’s … might be a redneck jokes may be funny, but the reality of someone working on cars in their front yard can lower property values for everyone in the neighborhood.

A couple of comments on a recent Holtville Tribune social media post did bring up the issue of individual property rights and whether others should be able to determine what a homeowner does on his or her own land.

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. at City Hall and anyone wishing to address the council members on the issue is free to do so. Written comments may also be submitted to the city clerk’s office ahead of time.

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