Band Works Hard For Homecoming

Holtville High School Viking Page Edition


Band has been working hard for one of the biggest events of Holtville High School. Homecoming!! The band director, Ms. Moreno, has been pushing her students to work hard. The Holtville Band of Pride has been practicing before and after school to perfect their marching and playing.

The past games and performances have given me confidence
that we could do anything and succeed no matter how nerve racking it is for me, a band member said.

The band will be performing Brick House by Lionel Richie, in the Homecoming Parade and Open Arms by Journey at halftime. The song is really cool and jazzy.

Currently, that is my favorite song that we’ve played so far, one band member said.

As said before, band members have been working before and after school to try to perfect their marching and playing.

“I personally think the days we’ve practiced are perfect. I am thankful that we had band camp during the summer because if we didn’t, I didn’t think we would have been as good as we are right now,” another band member expressed.

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