Vikings Edged Out by Scots

Things didn’t look so good going into halftime of last Friday’s varsity football game. The Holtville Vikings were down 27-6 against the Vincent Memorial Scots. But those halftime pep talks apparently pay off, because the Vikings came out in the second half and almost pulled off a win.

They were edged out 27-20 and were in position to score when the clock ran out.

Holtville is proving itself to be a second half team when the chips are down. Instead of letting themselves get discouraged from being behind, they fought their way back.

Vincent scored early and had some big plays all through the first two quarters, but Holtville was ready in the last two.

The Vikings scored their only touchdown of the first half early in the second quarter. Holtville took a kickoff deep and had 95 yards to go but the duo of Andy Pascual and Jacob Leyba ate up that yardage and Pascual took it in for the first six points.

That was the wakeup call for the Scots that the Vikings were prepared to claw their back, although Leyba got clawed himself and had his jersey shredded as he broke tackles on the next drive.

That second half performance was what put the fear in the visiting Scots. Some big adjustments in the Viking formations began to pay off. A Noah Jongeward pass to Gary Martinez gave Holtville a 19-yard touchdown, cutting the lead to 27-13. This was followed up just minutes later by a short scramble by Pascual for his second touchdown of the night, making it 27-20.

Holtville was close to tying things up or even going ahead near game’s end was thwarted by Vincent’ quarterback, Eduardo Valenzuela, who went in on defense and intercepted a key pass to put an end to the threat.

A fake punt by Jose Devoux led to a long run for a touchdown in the third quarter but it was called back on a penalty. Holtville’s varsity will be competing in the Axe Game in Calipatria tonight at 7 p.m. One of the big games of the local football season, it is being held on Thursday so as not to compete with the Bell Game on Friday. The JV game will precede it, with kickoff at 4 p.m. These will be the final games of the regular season.

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