Finley Elementary Hosts Breakfast with Santa

Finley Elementary hosted ‘Breakfast with Santa’ for the Holtville community this past Saturday, December 9. Hot pancakes and bacon, along with coffee and juice were served to all who attended. Santa himself showed up for a photo opportunity and to spread joy to the children of Holtville. ‘Breakfast with Santa’ was a Finley Elementary third grade class fundraiser.

Third grade teachers; Maria Elena Vega, Pat Ramos, Lillian Guzman and Ashley Rodriguez were on hand to help organize the event. Mrs.Garcia, a Finley Elementary parent set up and organized the photo opportunity with Santa Claus. A crew of pancake makers consisting mostly of teacher, Pat Ramos’ family kept everyone fed and happy during the event. Holtville Unified School District board member Jared Garewal was also on hand to help.

Finley Elementary Principal, Lupita Perez said, ”Bigger cities do events like this for their students. This is something our kids deserve. Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen.”

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