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Holtville High Students Plans After Graduating
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Holtville High Students Describe Post-Graduation Plans

HOLTVILLE — The school year is about half over at Holtville High School but it is important to know what the future generations have planned for themselves. What is it they aspire to become? How do they plan on doing this? Most importantly, why?

The students of Holtville High were asked these questions and provided a variety of answers. 

Ariana Venegas, who is a sophomore this year, said, “I plan on finding an art school in L.A or Fresno and to also have a part-time job while studying. My dream job is to work for either Disney or Pixar animations, but if that doesn’t work then I will look for a business school and create my own business.” 

Melissa Torres, a junior this year, commented, “After high school I want to get away from the Valley, maybe North Dakota or Florida. I want to get my bachelor’s and master’s and maybe become a teacher.”

When she was asked how she planned on doing this she answered, “Internships and maybe start as a substitute and (move) up.”

Explaining her career choice, she added, “I just really like students and I feel more talkative when I am with them.”

Student Larissa Wilson said, “I am planning on going to SDSU (San Diego State University) and work in the medical field. I plan on doing this by lots of schooling since you need a lot of studying to become something in the medical field. I always had an interest in the medical field and I don’t want to work behind a desk.”

Tanya Velarde, who is a senior this year, responded, “After I graduate high school I am probably going to SDSU and become an educator.”

She was also asked how she planned to do this and she answered with, “First, work on my bachelor’s, then my credentials, and put in a lot of hard work and dedication, which I am willing to do.”

Student Rodrigo Martinez said,” When I graduate high school I plan to go to SUU (Southern Utah University). I plan on becoming an educator. I plan to do this because I want to inspire the future minds.”

Story written by Yasmin Corral.

This story is featured in the Dec 19, 2019 e-Edition.