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Holtville High's First Winter Formal
Holtville High's First Winter Formal

Holtville High’s First Winter Formal

HOLTVILLE — Every year at Holtville High School, the regular yearly routine for school dances is to have the homecoming dance at the beginning of the year for all students and having prom later in the school year for only juniors and seniors.

Although that is what has been happening every year for the past six-plus years, things are starting to change.

This year Holtville High Schools Associated Student Body advisor, Alicia Arevalo, and her ASB cabinet decided that it would be fun to change up the tradition a little.

The ASB cabinet thought that it would be fun if our school hosted a winter formal for students to enjoy the middle of the semester a little more. Since it is a new dance, it had to be approved through our Principal, Anthony Arevalo, who gladly approved and said that it would be a great idea for all students at Holtville High.

Since this dance got approved, ASB members have gotten all hands on deck. They have got a date approved for the dance, which will be hosted on Saturday, Feb. 15, at the Holtville High School gymnasium. The dance will begin at around 7 p.m. until midnight.

All students at Holtville High School are invited to come and join the dance that will be hosted on Feb. 15, although it is very distinct from our other high school dances. This dance will not have a court, or it will not have students voting for kings or queens. Although there were a few changes to this upcoming dance that we will be having.

The theme to this dance will be masquerade, so the ladies at the dance will have the option to wear a mask to cover the upper part of their faces as well as the men can, too.

The prices for this dance will begin at $20 per couple and $10 for singles, although prices may vary according to how many students end up attending this dance.

As soon as the month of February begins there will be more information for the students at Holtville High to get, but for now word has been going around that there will be a dance happening, and the students can begin to purchase their tickets on Feb. 5 until they run out. The tradition at Holtville High School is planning to change as time goes by and little by little, our students are progressing in making that change with their great ideas that we have come upon.

Written by Melissa Torres for the Holtville Tribune Viking Page.

This story is featured in the Jan 30, 2020 e-Edition.