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No Parking Sign
A sign restricting truck parking on Orchard Road south of Holtville. Area residents have been fighting for safety measures and have also convinced the county to reduce the speed limit. | Photo courtesy of Mary Helen Dolente

Orchard Road Gets ‘No Truck Parking’ Signs, Wording Questioned

HOLTVILLE — Much-coveted no parking signs for tractor-trailer rigs on Orchard Road south of Holtville came to fruition recently, delighting residents seeking increased safety measures.

The restriction is between Haven and Edwards roads. Residents of about a dozen homes there have long sought more regulation of the long-haul commercial truck traffic using the street that connects major highways.

“We wanted no parking signs between residents’ homes and they did do that,” said Mary Helen Dolente, a member of Orchard Road Neighborhood Alliance.

Signs were installed on Nov. 18 on both sides of Orchard between Haven and Edwards. They indicate there is no parking for trucks over 6,000 pounds or they will be towed at owner’s expense.

The Imperial County Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance designating the first infraction will be a $50 fine, $100 for a second within one year yet not to exceed $200 for each additional violation within a year.

Dolente explained she is pleased with seeing the signs installed and went to the board of supervisors’ meeting last fall to thank them. But she said she is disappointed with the signage content maintaining it is lacking vital information.

The new signs do not include a warning about not carrying hazardous materials and had it been included it would have added a measure of safety for homeowners along Orchard, she added.

“I have pictures of signs elsewhere in the county that have a red circle with a truck image inside and a slash across. (Those) signs also say, no hazardous materials, no trucks over 16 feet long or 3 tons.” Dolente said.

“We on Orchard Road have trucks carrying liquified petroleum or nitrogen,” she added, explaining the need for more detailed signs. “But at least our signs warn trucks not to block residents’ driveways. It’s only a short drive on either side of Orchard Road where trucks can park by an open field and not block any home’s driveway.”

Dolente did concede she had not yet brought her complaint about the sign wording to the county.

The county Public Works Department did not immediately respond to a requested seeking comment.

Residents have also been working to reduce the speed limit on Orchard. A partial victory was earned in 2019 when the county board cut the limit to from 55 mph to 45. However, efforts to further reduce it to 25 mph have not yet succeeded.

This story is featured in the Feb 06, 2020 e-Edition.