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Holtville High Holds Beautification Event
The group that participated in the Jan. 25 beautification event at Holtville High School. Photo courtesy of Holtville High School

Holtville High Holds Beautification Event

HOLTVILLE — On Saturday, Jan. 25 Holtville High School students, along with ASB decided to join together to beautify the campus. This idea came across Principal Anthony Arevalo because two weeks from this day there was to be a big high school reunion for classes 2015 and under.

Around 15 students came to help on that Saturday morning with Mr. Arevalo, Mrs. Arevalo and the Gas Company.

“It was nice to see Holtville High School students giving back to their school” said Mr. Guzman.

Everyone started at 7 a.m. as the Gas company started to take apart benches to make new ones. The male students worked on planting three trees in the front of the high school. This involved measuring the floor to get the right estimate on where the trees are supposed to be planted.

Days prior to the event, the utility company came to the school to mark where their pipes were so that trees wouldn’t planted near those areas.

As the day went by, the rest of the students planted around 60 flowers under and near the flagpole. After finishing with that, most of the benches were being finished up and students started to paint them green. Lastly, hamburgers were made as students finished cleaning, as a way of thanking everyone who came out that Saturday morning. Melissa Torres, a student who helped out to beautify the campus, said, “ It was something different for students to be more involved with their school and it was nice seeing students take time out of their Saturday to help out.”

This story is featured in the Mar 05, 2020 e-Edition.