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Students Share Thoughts on Community Service

HOLTVILLE — Community service is a great thing that helps the community, but should it be mandatory in High Schools? Community service is something that citizens do to make our community better and it’s a way to give back.

Although, it may be as small as helping an elderly person across the street, it still helps to help out. Many people have a different perspective on this topic and as to whether it should be required for Holtville High School students.

The pros about having students do community-service hours is that it lets them see how they can have an impact in their community and how their help can cause change. When students do community service they tend to come out with something positive and never negative.

Requiring students to do community service kind of gets them out of their comfort zone and makes them do something that they would not normally do. This gives them a little push into the real world and can influence them to do this more often and possibly when they leave high school too.

Although people may think that it is good; not all people believe that and believe the complete opposite. The cons about community service is that the school district forces students to complete the hours. The district forces us to do community service and sets punishments if the hours are not acquired.

The punishment that is set is not being able to participate in senior activities. These punishments do not encourage a student later on in life, since students who have lost their senior activities for not doing community service hours will most likely not perform any hours later on in life.

Holtville High students were asked what they thought about the topic of community service hours. One might assume that the majority would disagree with being required to do community service but these students’ responses to the topic are surprising.

Junior Litzy Velarde said, “Community Service should be required because then if it wasn’t required people would not help out. Also I think community service is a good thing because we get to help the community that we live in.” Another person that has something to say was junior Kassandra Fimbres, who noted, “Community service is a big thing in which students like ourselves help the community. But I don’t know if they should force us to do something that is known as a volunteer job.”

This story is featured in the Mar 05, 2020 e-Edition.