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Pavement Design OK'd, Sambrano as City Clerk
Holtville Council Meeting Stock Photo

Holtville Council OKs Pavement Design, Sambrano as City Clerk

HOLTVILLE — Holtville City Council authorized initial pavement design engineering and bidding services as well as construction costs for several road and sidewalk projects at its regular meeting April 27.

Council unanimously approved task orders for the Orchard Road pavement, the Cedar Avenue sidewalk and the Ninth Street sidewalk improvement projects.

The projects have “no fiscal impact on the city’s general fund,” said Jeorge Galvan, city planner and project manager for The Holt Group, which is conducting the design and bidding process. “Design includes survey work, it’s more than just slapping concrete together. … They also have to make sure everything slopes properly for curbs and gutters so (rain) water runoff flows into catch basins and into the Alamo River to avoid flooding.”

Also, sidewalk ramps must be made compatible with the Americans with Disabilities Act and driveways on Cedar Avenue, where heavy truck traffic occurs, must withstand the added load burden.

Design for the Orchard Road project, which runs between the Alamo River Bridge and Fourth Street, has a design cost of $51,618 and a construction cost of $396,000 for 2020 that begins in the fall. Additional construction wraps up by summer 2021 and will cost another $120,000.

The Cedar sidewalk improvements have a design expense of $38,944 with construction costing $218,000 that starts early 2021 and finishes by July. Meanwhile, the Ninth Street sidewalk improvement’s design comes in at $43,091 with a construction expense of $331,000 that gets underway in the fall and is expected to finish before Christmas, explained Galvan.

In April 2019, the city was awarded a federal Surface Transportation Block Grant and a state Local Partnership Program grant administered through the state Department of Transportation to do the work. In addition, financial support comes from the Local Transportation Authority from voter-approved Measure D funds, a half-cent local retail sales tax for specific transportation projects, and the state’s Senate Bill 1 gas taxes.

Interim Clerk Becomes Permanent

In other business, the council appointed Kariza Sambrano to the position of city clerk.

Since the resignation of the prior clerk a year and a half ago, Sambrano has been covering the duties on a designated interim basis, explained City Manager Nick Wells.

This included note-taking at meetings and preparation of official minutes. Sambrano also posted public notices and agendas as necessary and coordinated staff activities to comply with public records requests. She consented at this meeting to continue in this capacity indefinitely.

This story is featured in the April 30, 2020 e-Edition.