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Holtville City Council Passes Budget for 2020-2021
Imperial Valley Regional Detention Facility is shown. | COURTESY PHOTO

Holtville City Council Passes Budget for 2020-2021

HOLTVILLE — Holtville City Council members were unsure about the city’s fiscal future as they passed a 2020-2021 budget on June 22 that reflected revenue losses from the pandemic and the loss of a managerial contract with the Imperial Valley Regional Detention Facility.

“There were a lot of revenue prediction changes because of COVID-19. We are not sure how mitigated some of our revenue sources will be,” said City Manager Nick Wells.

Total appropriations for Holtville’s annual budget amounted to $10,321,419.

The total revenue for the city’s general fund was $2,783,863, of which $1,594,135 went to public safety expenses like police, dispatch, animal control and fire services. The general fund is the city’s main operating budget through which most salaries are also paid.

Water, sewer, and trash brought in a combined revenue of $3,297,350.

The significant changes in this year’s budget dealt with revenue sources tied to gas and sales taxes that were negatively impacted during the pandemic, Wells said.

“Obviously, people are not driving as much. With malls and other stores closed people are driving less. There has been some lost revenue there. It is a little bit of an unknown trying to project for next year, but we have taken those numbers into account on several fronts,” Well said.

Total for funds from transportation taxes, which include the sidewalk fund and SB1 Gas tax, amounted to $4,240,206, of which $4,083,016 was used for expenditures, leaving net revenues of $157,190.

The city lost a contract with the Imperial Valley Regional Detention Facility by the Calexico East Port of Entry, which costs the city some $160,000 a year.   “We were paid for managerial services the city provided to the facility. It is a private detention facility paid for by the state of California. They put a bunch of roadblocks in the way effectively ending our participation in that earlier this year,” Wells said.

This story is featured in the Jun 25, 2020 e-Edition.