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Long-time Holtville Band Director Thanks Community
Lendal Macon, who has taught band at Holtville High and Middle schools over the years, recently retired after nearly 50 years total in Holtville. | COURTESY PHOTO

Long-time Holtville Band Director Thanks Community

HOLTVILLE — Thank you, thank you. I would like to give my greatest sincere thanks for all the support everyone in Holtville has given to me and my bands, and entire music program over the last 49 years.

With 33 years as the Holtville High School “Band of Pride” director, 11 years as the Holtville Middle School “Warrior Pride” director, for 44 of the 49 years at Holtville schools; two years at Imperial High School, and three years at Heber Elementary School, which makes the 49.

Thank you for the kind words given to me after our half-time shows, during our parades with people yelling out my name, coming out to shake my hand, giving me excellent comments about my band after the parade, and the same with our concerts, always positive comments, and the support for all our fundraisers and much, much more.

Holtville was always there to support me. Even giving me a “Retirement Parade” in front of my house, which was a total surprise and will always be memorable to me. Thank you so much to all the alumni band members and band parents who participated and to those that were not able to.

I would like to thank the Holtville boards of education and the support they gave to the music programs and myself. Also, thank you to my superintendents and assistant superintendents that supported me as well as my principals and vice principals, a special thank you to my last Board of Education, Mr. Kevin Grizzle, Mr. Jared Garewal, Mr. Ben Abatti Jr., Mr. Matt Hester, and Mrs. Robin Cartee. Also, to my last administrators, Superintendent of Schools Mr. Celso Ruiz, Assistant Superintendent Mr. John Paul Wells, my HMS Principal Mr. Eric Velazquez, and my Elementary School Principal Mrs. Lupita Perez. No music program would not make it without the support of leadership, both morally and financially. Thanks to all of you.

Also, I would like to thank all the teachers I taught with over the past 49 years. It has been a pleasure to have you as colleagues and friends. I wish you all the very best in the coming years. For those that have already retired, I now join your ranks.

A special thank you to all my band booster clubs at all three school districts. I can tell you no high school band would ever survive without the support of the band parents I called band boosters. Most especially thank you to my 33 years of my Holtville Band Boosters Club, a special group of band parents. It would take too long for me to name all my band boosters, and I don’t want to leave anyone out, so I won’t try.

There were some that were very special to me, very hard workers for the kids and you know who you were. A special thank you, too, all of you.

Thank you to the secretarial staff that no school could do without. All the secretaries, they know what, when, where, how and more about what is taking place at our school. If I wanted to know something, it was the secretary that usually had the answer and most of all helped me. Thank you to all of you. Again, there were some that were very special.
Thanks also to the transportation, custodian and cafeteria departments for all you did to support my band and music programs over the years. Again, no school could do without these departments, yet they get little notice. Thank you so much for your help.

Last but definitely not least, thank you to all my students in all my classes that I taught. I don’t want to leave anyone out, so I won’t give names, but every one of you were special to me. Not only did I teach band, but I also taught chorus, a capella choir, estudiantina, music appreciation, fourth-grade recorders. I taught beginning band, shield corps and flag corps at the high school, drum majors, jazz band, guitar, plus 23 years of World Cultures (history), Survey of World Cultures and Survey of Reading. I may have left one or two classes out that I forget over my 49 years of teaching.

Thank you to all my students I had in all the classes above at all three school districts. A few thousand I know. I tried to count them at one time, but I gave up because of the large number. However, I enjoyed each and every student and they will always be my friend and I will always love them. If I run into you sometimes please forgive me if I can’t remember your name after so many years, but I will try my best, but you may need to help out. I recognize faces more than names.

Thank you for helping my dream come true, my dream of being a band director/music teacher and the history and reading classes were a “plus.” You are the best students that any teacher could ever wish for in their career, thank you and God bless you all.

My dream as a fifth-grader was to someday become a band director. Thanks students for helping my dream come true. Thanks for helping me in receiving the accolades that were given to me. Being named, “Grand Marshal” at the 2009 Carrot Parade, in 2007, being inducted into the “Green and Gold Hall of Fame,” and of course you helped me and our bands to win the, “Perpetual Sweepstakes Trophy” at the Brawley Cattle Call parades, still to this day the only band in Southern California to do so, and in my last 11 years, as the Holtville Middle School “Warrior Pride Band” director winning first place 10 out of 11 years in the Carrot Festival Parade, and the most memorable ones were the naming of the band room after me, done so by the Board of Education and my Superintendent, now called the, “The Lendal E. Macon” Music Scholarship, given in my name by the, “Green and Gold Hall of Fame.”

Again, I feel very humbled, and my most memorable was my band playing “Hall to the Chief” for President Ronald Reagan on Jan. 3, 1986 at the Navy base in Seeley.

I will end by saying a most special thank you to my mom, Pearl Elizabeth Macon, my dad, Richard Edwin Macon, my wife, Victoria Macon, my daughter, Melissa Macon, and my family in Tennessee. My daughter was always at my parades and concerts to give me help in many ways and was so much help to me. Most of all I thank “God” who loved me and gave me the knowledge and skills to do what I loved to do, being a band director/music teacher.

Thank you, everyone for your love and support and God bless you all.

Lendal Edwin Macon
Band Director 1971-2020

This story is featured in the Jul 23, 2020 e-Edition.