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Brawley Chamber Talks Cattle Call Rodeo Theme
The Cattle Call monument in downtown Brawley is a year around reminder of the town’s ranching heritage that is celebrated with the annual Cattle Call rodeo, parade and other activities. | JAYSON BARNISKE

Brawley Chamber Talks Cattle Call Theme Amid Pandemic Uncertainty

BRAWLEY — Plans to hold the 2020 Cattle Call Rodeo are still up in the air due to the pandemic, but the Brawley Chamber of Commerce announced it would involve rodeo fans in its annual theme contest for the rodeo in a Facebook post on July 22.

In the video, Brawley Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Officer Katie Luna addressed the community to answer questions surrounding the 63rd edition of Cattle Call and the corresponding Jamboree, which includes the Chili Cook-Off, Monday Night Kick-Off Mixer, and the Cattle Call Parade.

“At this time, it is uncertain if the rodeo will continue or not due to circumstances that are out of our control locally,” Luna said. “As soon as we know if the rodeo will continue, I will be sure to bring you some updates and let you know what is going to happen there.”

This Cattle Call will not look like a regular year of celebration, but Luna expressed a strong belief in the community to persevere.

“The chamber is in the process of creating contingency plans for our events. Our direction will largely be based on our current COVID-19 situation in the county, and realistically, this may mean that we have some events virtually or it may mean that we can have some events outside,” said Luna, noting that as things change regarding the pandemic, the Brawley chamber will adapt its plans.

Rodeo fans who want to participate in the in the theme contest can submit their ideas at www.brawleychamber.com

Meanwhile, during a July 20 press conference by the Imperial County Public Health Department, health officer Dr. Stephen Munday was asked about late fall and winter events, including Cattle Call, which traditionally occurs in November, and Christmas parades and farmers’ markets.

“The first thing I would say is that I wouldn’t make any specific determination as to a time frame. It’s only July. … What will happen, say in November or December, it’s hard to predict now. But what I can tell you is that gatherings at this point in time are not allowed. They are not allowed by the state and they are not allowed by the county either,” Munday said July 20.

“It is certainly possible that if there is a change in the way the outbreak is going that that would change. And since the end of the year is still about five months away, it is certainly possible that the situation could change significantly before that time,” Munday added.

This story is featured in the Jul 30, 2020 e-Edition.